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What kind of corporate party are you planning?

Shawn is your A - Z Magic Man, specializing in magic entertainment for...
Anniversaries                         Birthdays                      Cocktail & Dinner 
Employee Appreciation       Golf Tournaments       Grand Openings
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Corporate parties offer us a chance to bring people together for a variety of reasons. Different kinds of parties offer opportunities for special magic effects. Imagine your signed card appears on your home ceiling and can remain there for years! Imagine a bottle of champaign appears and is presented to your guest of honor! We can do this for you and make you look like a hero, by making someone else's day! Generally, there are two basic ways to perform magic at parties...

 Stand-Up Magic Presentation

A stand-up presentation of Magic can be the feature for many who attend parties. Shawn's shows can range from casual, just a few friends gathered around a dinner table, to a more formal show, up to 100 people in a ballroom / parlor setting. Living room presentations over a coffee table can be a great way to enjoy magic at a home party for example. An after dinner show in a resort ballroom features guests on stage making the magic and entertaining their fellow guests. Magic Fun with People!

Strolling Close-Up & Table Magic

Strolling close-up and table magic is a fun way to start an evening of magic. Shawn will mingle and 'wow' the crowd. He will help create connections among the audience through the shared experience of wonder. Friends are brought closer together. Strangers are introduced. Comraderie prevails! Sounds of laughter, gasps of amazement, and the excitement of impossible magic enhances the guest's experience and adds fun to the overall atmosphere of any event.

Shawn offers a blend of exciting magic and humor

Custom Magic For Your Event

Because each event is different, we tailor each show to fit and work best for YOU! Shawn's enthusiastic, fun personality and combination of close-up and parlor / stage magic will be an entertainment that your guests will enjoy and remember for years to come!

Grand Illusion Variety Show

For larger audiences, we feature a team of entertainers on stage for after dinner shows. Comedy magic, juggling, illusions, and belly dancing combined with music and audience participation add up to fun & amazing evening for your guests.  Magic for the child in all of us!

The basic purpose of the children's conjurer should be to implant the seed of wonder in them so that it can blossom in later life as an inner spiritual wonder-outlook on the world and the cosmos.
- S.H. Sharpe
Keep your guests smiling!
Arizona Magic Man

Western Cookouts & Casino Events

  • Expert sleight of hand card sharp
  • Card cheating & gambling demonstrations
  • 3 Card Monte & 3 Shell Game

What Clients Are Saying

  • Your professionalism, humor, and talent have are appreciated and we look forward to utilizing you at future conferences.
    Insurers Administrative Corporation
  • It was perfect! Feedback from the audience was absolutely great!
    Mayo Clinic
  • Thank you for your expertise and entertainment...Your presence helped complete our day!
    PCS Health Systems
  • Shawn was great! He did an awesome job. Everybody loved his magic. I would definitely recommend him.
    Phoenix Manufacturing
  • It was a great success! We were all truly entertained!
    EMCO Recycling
  • You drew fantastic crowds each day!
    Cincinnati Opera
  • We've had wonderful guest response... I highly recommend Shawn and his magic.
    Boulders Resort
  • Thank you! As always you were doing a great job and we really appreciate how professional you always are.
    Aces Entertainment
  • The attendees...were greatly entertained by your work...Thank you for a job well done!
    Phoenix Open
  • Your performance was excellent and we enjoyed having you at our party!
    Tempe Chamber of Commerce
  • Thanks! it was great fun having you there mystifying and amazing our guest!
    American Institute of Architects
  • Thank you so much! We could not have done it without you!
    PERA Club
  • You are absolutley fantastic! What a treat!
    Giant Industries
  • What a wonderful job you did... very well done!
    United Metro Materials
  • Thanks! hope to utilize your talents again soon!
  • Thank you so much! We could not have done it without you!
    PERA Club