what is strolling magic?

What Is

Strolling Magic?

Strolling magic is a special branch of close-up magic and an art form if performed by a highly-skilled, socially adept entertainer.  Also known as walk-around magic, the magician mingles with guests, moving from group to group, performing close-up magic.  The best close-up magic is achieved by sleight of hand which the audience cannot perceive and does not even suspect.  Strolling magic can be astonishing to witness because the audience is so close and they are often directly involved in the experience of the effects.

When Is Strolling Magic The Best Choice?

Some settings, like a reception where table space is limited or not available, require the magician to work out of his pockets and in the hands.  While this may limit the variety of effects, it is very effective for small groups of 2 – 6 people.  This type of strolling magic is ideal for early in the event when guests are meeting each other and when attention spans are short, so the magic is quick and strong.

what is strolling magic

Another ideal setting would be around a high boy table or a 4, 6, 8, or 10 top round dining table.  This provides guests the comfort of sitting, like before or after dinner, with a larger group of people to enjoy a longer show of close-up magic.  In this case, the magician can perform a variety of effects using some table space and increase the participation and size of the audience.  Table shows can range from 5 – 15 minutes depending on the audience.  Afterward, the magician strolls to another table and entertains another group of guests.  This is ideal for larger groups of people for events that last 3 – 5 hours.

So when is the best time to have strolling magic at your event?  As mentioned, early in the event, the guests are usually greeting friends, getting drinks, and acclimating to the setting.  If the magician starts as the guests arrive, in addition to performing quick magic, he also acts as a host to welcome guests.  This can be an excellent time for the magician to do pre-show work if there will be a bigger show later.

In most cases, like a dinner or home party, the ideal would be for the magician to perform strolling magic as the guests arrive and get seated, and then perform a formal show after dinner for the whole group.  This combination of strolling magic and a stand-up show can be tailored for each event depending on the situation mentioned.

Strolling magic is really fun entertainment for all types of events and all size groups, yet you will want to hire a magician who can adapt to the setting and schedule of the event.  It’s an easy way for planners to add magic to events of any size and a nice surprise for the guests.

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