Shawn Eric

Corporate Magic Entertainment

Having Shawn at your event is EASY! Just fill out the form and we’ll get back in touch with you. If you want to speak or text Shawn Eric directly, just use 1-602-403-7309 and he will answer all your questions and check availability for your important party or event. 


Why choose Shawn Eric?

  • An enthusiastic, energetic entertainer who loves his audiences.
  • Strong, one of a kind, magic skills and effects.
  • Clean, corporate-friendly comedy.
  • Easy to book and work with.
  • Top rated on Yelp and Gigmasters.
  • Member of the Academy of Magical Arts and regular featured performer at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

Thank you for thinking of Shawn Eric for your event!


What is strolling magic?

Strolling magic is a special branch of close-up magic and an art form if performed by a highly-skilled, socially adept entertainer. Also known as walk-around magic, the magician mingles with guests, moving from group to group, performing close-up magic. The best close-up magic is achieved by sleight of hand which the audience cannot perceive and does not even suspect. Strolling magic can be astonishing to witness because the audience is so close and they are often directly involved in the experience of the effects.

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I've read about magicians performing from a stationary table. Can you explain?

Shawn brings an attractive table and performs continuous 5 – 10 minute shows. Chairs can be added for longer 15 – 20 minute shows. This is a great option for large groups when the guests are moving through the event, ie. silent auctions, western cookouts, etc.

Do You Offer A Show With Social Distancing?

Thanks for asking. CoronaVirus has changed a lot of things, including how I perform intimate magic. I do offer a show designed to minimize contact and keep people at a safe distance from the performer.

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Tell me more about your living room/parlor magic show.

Shawn specializes in this type of setting with a 30 – 60 minute Magic Fun Show featuring the full range of his magic and comedy with a stunning finale.

Great for groups, less than 50 people, at homes and in intimate dining/banquet rooms. Shawn can do the show only for small groups, less than 50 people OR IT’S BEST if he combines it with the strolling magic before to meet & mingle with the guests.

Do you have a stage show for larger audiences?

Shawn takes the stage with his Magic Fun Show, 20 – 45 minutes. For after dinner shows in conjunction with awards, keynotes, etc. for up to 100 guests. Includes strolling close-up magic before dinner.